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Artificial Intelligence

The future of e-commerce here! - Engage with your customers wherever they are.With Sapphirus chat services people can reach your brand anywhere,anytime.Get started today and start earning more today.

  • Growing usage of mobile messaging applications and an entire generation of mobile-native consumers who are comfortable and fluent with messaging as an interaction paradigm.
  • Inflection points being reached in artificial intelligence and natural language processing that enable 90%+ accuracy in machine parsing and understanding spoken or typed requests.
  • Integration of seamless payment technology into devices, increasingly accessible to third parties via APIs.
  • Increased sophistication of notifications that are context-aware and available across devices to provide an always-on, intelligent interface layer with consumers.

Conversational Chatbot

Sapphirus can enable your existing e-commerce shop to conversational commerce by our chatbot services:

  • Chatbot for your e-commerce platforms
  • Chatbot for your custom e-commerce/e-business platforms
  • Chatbot for messengers to sell your products on
    • Facebook
    • WeChat

Chatbot Platforms, Sapphirus Can work

  • FB Platform
  • Watson
  • BotKit
  • Smooch
  • FlowXO
  • ChatFuel

E-Commerce Platforms

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • OsCommerce
  • Custom e-commerce
  • BIG Commerce